reef world foundation, green fins, marine conservation, scuba diving, diver education, marine education, best practices, dive indutryOur Ocean Allies Green Fins and Reef World are proud to release a nine-part series of how-to-videos that will guide dive centers in becoming more environmentally friendly. Pointers are given on how to implement the Green Fin’s Code of Conduct. Solutions and guidance are offered on the environmental challenges facing dive centers every day. And divers will be informed on what they should expect from their environmentally friendly dive center.


The Green Fin videos will be launched, one video per month, over the next 9 months, with the first being available today (Wed., March 15, 2017). Check our YouTube Playlist here or use the direct link to the video here. For easy reference to the Green Fins Videos you can bookmark, or favorite, each page.


Green Fins Videos Inspiring Divers to Protect the Ocean Environment

green fins videos, green fins, marine conservation, sustainable diving, responsible dive practices, sustainable dive businessVideo #1: Pre-Dive Environmental Briefings, focuses on the most important things the dive center can do to protect the ocean habitats it is visiting. The video also gives the dive guide a pre-dive outline of things he can say to inspire his divers to act responsibly toward the ocean environment.

Blue Ocean has been following the activities of Green Fins for a long time, here are some of our recent posts:  Green Fins + Green Bubbles = Greener Choices for Dive Travelers.  Or see: How Green are Your Fins? Top Ten Tips for Environmentally Conscious Dive Travelers. Plus you can read about our Blue Ocean Summit  interview with Green Fins Coordinator Chloe Harvey


See Green Fins and Blue Ocean at ADEX

Chloe Harvey of Green Fins/Reef World will be co-chairing the Sustainable Diving Think Tank and Industry Dialogue with Blue Ocean’s Laurie Wilson at ADEX Singapore in April.

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