Green Fins is being introduced into the Dominican Republic in June 2018, the first exposure for the the Eco-Diving Certification Program in the Caribbean. Green Fins is coming to the Caribbean at a time when the numbers of tourists to the island nation has increased dramatically. 2016 saw over 6 million visitors and many of them interact with the marine environment. To ensure the sustainability of the island’s coral reefs and marine species in the face of increased tourism, Green Fins will collaborate with locally based Reef Check Dominican Republic.

reef check dominican republic“This is really exciting as we have been receiving requests for many years from Caribbean based governments and businesses to introduce Green Fins to the region and now it is finally expanding on the great work we have achieved so far in Asia. Reef-World are very excited to have the team behind Reef Check Dominican Republic taking the lead as they are renowned for their ability to protect coral reefs and are well respected in the country” said Reef-World Operations Manager James Harvey.


A 15-Point Code of Conduct

reef-world foundation reef world logoGreen Fins is a free certification program that provides SCUBA diving or snorkelling activities to participating businesses that pledge to follow a set of best practices.  The Green Fins 15-point Code of Conduct was developed by the UN Environment in 2004 and has since been successfully introduced into nine countries in South East Asia, resulting in a measurable reduction in threats to coral reefs from participating businesses.

These threats from the SCUBA diving industry include anchoring, chemical pollution and diver damage to coral reefs, but they can be mitigated by providing training and tools to the businesses who are in a position to act.

International Year of the Reef 2018Green Fins operates with support from the Regional Activity Center for the Protocol Concerning Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife for the Wider Caribbean Region (SPAW-RAC), under the framework of the Caribbean Environment Program of the United Nations Environment Program (UN Environment – CEP) and with support from UK based marine conservation charity The Reef-World Foundation.

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