Cayman Dive Operator’s “Green Shorts Challenge” keeps guests coming back for more East End diving year after year

celebrating_green_shorts_challenge_ocean_frontiers_cayman, sustainable dive industry, sustainable choices, (Blue Ocean – April 22, 2014) –The staff of Ocean Frontiers on the remote East End of Grand Cayman Island are well known for their distinctive teal green swim shorts.. They are seen at the dive shop, in the dive boats are worn while guiding dives. The shorts have become a status symbol with Ocean Frontiers’ customers who can win a pair by meeting the “Green Shorts Challenge” and diving all of the 55 East End dive sites.


Steve Broadbelt, the Co-owner of Ocean Frontiers, estimates that to complete the “Green Shorts Challenge” requires a guest to visit the island about five times.  Many customers who sign up for the “Challenge” return to Grand Cayman, usually twice a year and more than 100 Ocean Frontiers customers have done just that over the two years since the company began the program. Ocean Frontiers says that about 50% of their divers are repeat customers.

Steve says that “My goal in starting the challenge was to get my customers interested in the diversity of diving on this side of the island because I thought some of them weren’t seeing it,”


“This is a motivation for them and it’s working.”

If a customer signs up for the “Green Shorts Challenge” Ocean Frontiers’ pulls up their dive history  and the customer can determine the dive sites they still need to visit.  After each dive the customer has their challenge punch card punched indicating each new dive site visited.

To find out more about how this innovative program works Call Toll Free: 1 800-348-6096, Grand Cayman (345) 640 7500, or visit,, Courtesy Ocean Frontiersn**