global wind day logo, wind energy June 15, is Global Wind Day and an opportunity to discover and show your support for the potential of wind power to reshape our energy dependent world. Wind energy is not pie in the sky, although that’s where the turbines are. Wind is a proven, mature and cost effective mainstream technology that has become one of the world’s fastest industrial sectors.

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In Europe wind energy has become the leading source of new power. In 2016, $112 billion was invested in wind energy projects globally. And wind is becoming cheaper, last year unsubsidized new renewable power was less expensive than fossil fuels in over 30 countries and that is projected to be true in most countries by 2025. (photo –

global wind day,, energy, power, clean, alternativeIn, Wind Is Winning — Delivering America’s Clean Energy Future, Today the Huffingdon Post reports “It’s remarkable how quickly the future can arrive. For the long-anticipated revolution in renewable energy, that future is today. And wind power is leading the way.”

Blue Ocean has been reporting on many of the latest and most exciting new Wind Energy projects and proposals, here are several: Windmills in the Arctic; a Round-up on Arctic Articles

Plus: Renewable Energy: Must Be Something Blowing In the Wind and: The Wavestar Vision for a Sustainable Ocean Energy Park is Closer to Reality


More Wind Energy News from NewEnergyUpdate

Global wind day, DONG Energy, wind turbine, wind energy, clean energy, renewable energy, offshore, oceanPlunging offshore wind costs spur higher US growth outlook Falling prices for wind energy in Europe are spurring offshore wind developers in the US to consider accelerating plans for their own offshore projects. (photo – Dong Energy)

China and Europe strengthen energy ties after US exits Paris climate Accord. New energy cooperation agreements have been signed between China and the EU, seen as a result of the vacuum created by Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement.

Australia’s first offshore wind project receives backing from the Victoria Government. The “Star of the South” wind project is proposed to have up to 250 wind turbines installed from 10 to 25 kilometers off the Gippsland coastline. The “Star” is expected to be online by 2025.


Worldwide Events Celebrate Global Wind Day

A variety of events, worldwide are being held on Global Wind Day to celebrate, check out the list of events here.

By Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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