President Donald Trump famously said that Global Warming is a hoax, and now he appears to be on the cusp of withdrawing from the Paris Accord. See our recent post: EPA Head says “Get Out of Paris Accord.”

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But could future events come about that bite the President in the proverbial billfold. For example let’s take his multi-million dollar, estate Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida where the waves lap gently against his doorstep. See our post: Donald Trump as a Conservationist.  (photo –


Mar-A-Lago Adrift!

mar-a-lago,, trump estate, sea level rise, climate changeProjections published in the Guardian are that in 30 years the Mar-a-Lago grounds could be under at least a foot of water for most of each year. Trump’s lack of concern over sea-level rise and global warming does not seem to be shared by his neighbors who appear to be preparing for a climate changed future.

A recent survey published in the Miami Herald showed that two thirds of realtors handling high-end Miami properties were concerned with sea level rise. And many of the mayors in south Florida are already spending heavily on strategies to protect their municipalities from flooding. (photo –


It’s Hard to Keep Your Head In the Sand When The Beach Washes Away

Those concerned officials including Republicans say they can’t afford to play politics with such an important issue. “We don’t have the luxury at the local level to engage in these lofty policy debates,” said Abrams, the mayor of Palm Beach county. “I have been in knee-deep water in many parts of my district during King Tide.”

These very high “King Tides” usually occur in the autumn and are creeping across the lawn of Mar-a-Lago. Storms and heavy rain places the estate under increased risk and a Catagory 2 huricane storm surge would put large adjacent areas under water.


Other Trump Holdings Taking a Swim!

MarALagoHurricane, chart, trump, mar-a-lago underwater, rising sea level, flooding, climate change is a hoax, global warmingThings get even more problematic for areas south of the Mar-a-Lago estate and these properties include several of Trump’s holdings.  The Trump Hollywood Condos that offer three-bedroom units, for up to $3 million each, already experience water in their front drives after even the briefest of rains.

“We have had neighbourhoods where the water has been up to people’s front doors. That is not something that I remember as a kid growing up in the city of Hollywood,” said Peter Bober, the mayor of Hollywood.

The Trump Grande in Sunny Isles, further south of Mar-a-Lago could face high tide flooding and storm surges for nearly a third of the year, with access from A1A cut off.

In 2012 a storm that hit this coast caused a collapse of 1.5 miles of coastal A1A in Fort Lauderdale. The event seems to have been a splash of cold water in the face “a wake-up call”


40,000 Truckloads of Sand to Fix 1.5 miles of Highway

“Sometimes when you talk about climate change and sea-level rise it seems very abstract, but if you see big chunks of concrete just sticking up out of the road, it becomes very real.” said Jason Liechty, environmental coordinator in Broward County. So far it has taken 40,000 truckloads of sand and $20 million to rebuild and raise the road and the repair is still on-going. “So let’s do the math here: you are talking about several hundred million dollars if the whole coast line is affected, and that’s a lot of money,” Liechty said.

Scientists have long predicted that the coastal areas of southern Florida are most vulnerable to sea level rise. This area has seen a rise of approximately 3.5in over the last decade and that will only increase over the next decades.

I think I am beginning to grasp Trump’s logic on declaring “global warming is a hoax” Trump campaigned on wanting to create jobs and it now seems painfully obvious that what drives his climate change agenda is to eventually employ millions of democrats in filling sand bags. For more see CNN reports.


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