Our 2016 Summit Alumnus Daniel Ponce-Taylor just shared some great news with us from Global Vision International. GVI is an experiential education organization that is operating sustainable development programs in 10 countries, on five continents.

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GVI Global Visition International logoGVI has announced that they are offering 18 Sustainable Development Fellowships available to current and soon-to-be post-doctoral researchers. This is a great opportunity, but please hurry, all applications need to be sent in by November 30, 2017. See the details below. (photo – The GVI Team)


Sustainable Development Fellowships for current and soon-to-be post-doctoral researchers:

Global Vision International (GVI) is thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Sustainable Development Fellowship.

The GVI Sustainable Development Fellowship is an exciting opportunity engaging academic specialists in GVI programs. Fellows will collaborate, advise, assist and evaluate our social development and environmental conservation programs in the various locations where we operate.

As one of our 18 GVI Sustainable Development Fellows, you will:

– Gain international experience in your profession
– Work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals
– Have access to select collaborative databases
– Work together with GVI staff and local partners

*For more information on eligibility, selection criteria and the application process, please follow this link: http://bit.ly/2y73Oq0.* Please note that the application deadline is Nov 30th 2017.

GVI is an award-winning experiential education organization operating sustainable development programs in 10 countries located on five continents. We work in collaboration with widely respected organizations and educational partners to operate in excess of one hundred sustainable development initiatives. Each project has clearly defined objectives, and their collaborative impacts are tracked against the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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