The Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring and raising awareness of the contributions of outstanding women divers. Well beyond an honor society, WDHOF provides educational, mentorship, financial, and career opportunities to the diving community throughout the world. There are currently 223 Members in the Women Divers Hall of Fame, hailing from 30 U.S. states and Territories and 18 countries worldwide.

Each year, WDHOF awards scholarships & training grants that provide financial and educational support to individuals of all ages, particularly those who are preparing for professional careers that involve diving. There are many scholarships & training grants to be awarded in 2018.



Marine Conservation under Graduate Scholarship
• WDHOF member Sherry Reed is sponsoring a $1000 undergraduate conservation scholarship: available only to women enrolled in undergraduate academic and research
programs in the field of marine conservation.

Marine Conservation Graduate Scholarships
WDHOF and its sponsors are offering 8 marine conservation scholarships in 2018. The following sponsors are each supporting $2000 scholarships to qualified applicants who are enrolled in an accredited graduate degree program:
• The Aggressor Fleet (WDHOF member Anne Hasson)
• The Sea of Change Foundation (WDHOF member Anne Hasson) Learn more about the Sea of Change Foundation
• The Rachel Morrison Memorial Graduate Conservation Scholarship fund (2 awards, sponsored by John Morrison)
• WDHOF member Meg Donat
• Women Divers Hall of Fame (2 awards)

Underwater Archeology
• Cecelia Connelly Graduate Scholarship in Underwater Archaeology $2000
• Cecelia Connelly Undergraduate Scholarship in Underwater Archaeology $750

Additional Scholarships
• WDHOF Scholarship in Education (Marine or Freshwater)- $2000
• Undergraduate Marine Research Internship – $1000
• Scuba Instructor Advanced Education Scholarship – $2000



• Ella Jean Morgan Memorial Dive Training Grant for Young Women – $1,000
• Ocean Pals Junior Dive Training Grant for Young Women – $1,000
• PADI Young Explorer Dive Training Grant for Young Women – $1,000
• Kids Sea Camp Basic Dive Training Grant – $500
• Women’s Scuba Association Dive Training Grant for Students in ROTC, JROTC, Military Academy or Sea Cadets -$1,500
• Bonnie Toth Advanced Dive Training Grant – $1,000 training grants (up to $500 for training and up to$500 for dive equipment)
• Human Factors Skills in Diving Online Training Grant – Microcourse by Human in the System Consulting
• Assistant Life Support Technician (ALST) – Training & Certification Course by Interdive UK
• Lifeguard Systems Public Safety Diving Grant – Unlimited public safety and water safety training programs for 1 yr.
• Recreational/Public Safety Diver Medical Technician Grants – two grants (USA/Caribbean/Mexico/Canada): two grants (UK and Europe)
• WDHOF Advanced Dive Training Grant – $1000
• WDHOF Advanced Technical or Cave Diving Training Grant – $1000
• Diving Matrix Technical Training Week-long Course in the UK
• PADI 4 Change Scuba Leadership Grant – $2500
• NAUI Scuba Leadership Grant – $2500
• Morgan/O’Neill Underwater Photography Grant – $1000
• Amelia Behrens-Furniss Memorial Hardhat Dive Training Grant – $1000
• Hugh Fletcher Memorial Disabled Diver Training Grant – $500


How to Apply:

• You may only apply for one scholarship or training grant per year, however, if you are not selected for the scholarship or training grant for which you applied, and you are qualified for another scholarship/training grant, you may be considered for another award.
• Full descriptions and requirements are detailed below for each of the awards. Please read the scholarship/grant descriptions, requirements, applicant qualifications, and application instructions very carefully, and refer to the specific requirements as you complete your application.
• All applications require two letters of recommendation that must be submitted directly by the recommender, and not by the applicant. It is your responsibility to ensure that the letters of recommendation are submitted by the deadline.
• Applicants MUST complete the online application form.
• Incomplete and/or late applications (including letters of recommendation) will not be accepted for further consideration.


More Details

Scholarships are offered in marine conservation, marine biology, underwater archaeology, education (marine or freshwater), dive instructor education, and dive medicine. They are intended to support independent research and/or internship programs. They do not support living expenses or student loans. Scholarships are paid or awarded directly to the recipient. Training grants provide funding for diving and related underwater training and, for some awards, scuba equipment (but only after dive training has been completed). For training conducted in the U.S., funds are paid directly to the training facility and/or the equipment vendor upon WDHOF’s receipt of an invoice; they are NOT paid directly to the grantee. For training that is not conducted in the U.S., the awardee will be reimbursed after she/he completes the training.

If you have questions after you’ve carefully read the online application instructions, please email: The deadline for receipt of applications is October 31, 2017, at midnight U.S. Eastern Standard Time. Applicants will be notified of award status by February 1, 2018. Only online submissions will be accepted and no exceptions will be made for late submissions. For more details visit Scholarships & Training Grant


The scholarships and training grants program is made possible by the generous donations of WDHOF sponsors.  Visit Scholarships & Training Grants

New this year: Diving Matrix U.K. New this year: Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) New this year: Human in the System Consulting New this year: Interdive UK Aggressor Fleet (WDHOF member Anne Hasson) Family & friends of WDHOF member Amelia Behrens-Furniss Beneath The Sea Frank Boulanger, in memory of his wife & WDHOF member Ella Jean Morgan Code Blue Education Ltd (WDHOF member Chantelle Newman) Connelly Family, in memory of their mother, WDHOF member Cecelia Connelly Meg Donat (WDHOF member) Kathleen Dudzinski, Ph.D. (WDHOF member) Jennifer King (WDHOF co-founder and member) Lifeguard Systems (WDHOF member Andrea Zaferes) Sue Morra, Ph.D. (WDHOF member) John Morrison, in memory of his daughter Rachel Morrison National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Ocean Pals (WDHOF member JoAnn Zigahn) Erin O’Neill (WDHOF member) Margo Peyton (WDHOF member) Sherry Reed (WDHOF member) Sea of Change Foundation (WDHOF Member Anne Hasson) Jeanne Bear Sleeper (WDHOF member) Bonnie Toth (WDHOF member) Kathy Weydig (WDHOF co-founder and member) Women Divers Hall of Fame And the many friends and members of WDHOF who support WDHOF fund-raising activities

Photos Courtesy WDHOF


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