In today’s world of emboldened climate change deniers and anti-environmentalists we’re still hearing skeptics that say clean, renewable energy is pie-in-the-sky – it will never be practical – what happens when the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind stops blowing – it’s a conspiracy dreamed up by liberals to take away our coal. Here’s a bit of the bigger truth regarding the amazing progress that renewable energy has made.


Renewable Energy Pay Back!

Germany has been on the cutting edge of clean, renewable energy for a number of years and it seems to be paying off. Here is an interesting twist that should irritate the skeptics.

germany german wind energy Neuwieser flickr, alternate energy clean

Last spring Germany’s renewable energy mix produced such an abundance of power that prices briefly went negative, which means that power producers were forced to pay their customers to use electricity. (photo – Neuwieser)

And again, this coming week, Germany’s wind energy alone is expected to produce an all-time record (more than half of the country’s entire power production) meaning that producers will be paying consumers for an entire day of energy consumption.


The World’s Fourth Largest Economy

Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy and is a leader in the world’s renewable energy revolution, even though German consumers pay a surcharge on their energy. An overwhelming majority of Germans have voiced their support of renewable energy as necessary to achieve energy independence and to limit the effects of climate change. See the entire article in EcoWatch.

By Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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