forthewildthings, manta ray, marine conservation, marine life, marine preservationRecently, we posted two great stories of marine mammals interacting with divers. In one post we told of an incident off the coast of Costa Rica when two Brazilian divers were approached by a manta ray that wanted them to remove a fishing line, see: Saving a Giant Manta.  (photo –

In another post we showed a video of an injured dolphin that came to divers to also have fishing line cut away, see:  Injured Dolphin Knows Where to go for Help (photo – National Geo for Kids)

national geo for kids, dolphin, marine life, marine conservation, ocean conservationBoth of these stories left us with incredible videos, inspiration and hopefully some insights into the relationship between the marine world and the human world. Certainly they make me want to get back into the ocean. Now we have a slightly different type of encounter to bring to you. Not one about a marine creature that needs our help but something more basic.


caters,, seals, seal pups, marine life, marine mammals, marine conservation, marine lifeAnyone that has been fortunate to dive with seals understands how charming the experience can be. Seals are curious and friendly, often to the point of being in your face. Maybe the friendly seal is attracted to our bubbles, maybe to the reflections off our mask and equipment, maybe they just want to hang out. Whatever the reason the result is usually a great example of inter-species communication, wrapped in a lot of fun. (photo – Cater/



Gary and His Friendly Seal

Gary Grayson was diving in the United Kingdom, off the Scilly Isles when two grey seals joined him, One came up, nose to nose and at first Gary didn’t seem to know what the seal wanted, but once he reached out and the seal took his hand, Gary understood. the seal just wanted to cuddle and have his stomach rubbed. This sounds a lot like what my dog and cat enjoy, and a lot about how pets and humans interact, But this seal is not a pet, it lives its life in the wild ocean, but still seeks to interact with humans in the same way as Fido does (not my dog’s real name). Gives us a lot to think about in how we interact with animals and about the respect they deserve. Video courtesy of



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