If you need a new wetsuit for freediving, snorkeling or on-the-surface water sports give Fourth Element a shout. SURFACE is Fourth Element’s and the Dive Industry’s first certified sustainable wetsuit.


fourth element SURFACE sustainable wetsuitSURFACE

SURFACE is made with Yulex® Pure a 100% plant-based, sustainably-certified neoprene. The lining is a polyester composed of recycled, post-consumer plastic waste.

Designing a wetsuit with a minimal impact on the marine environment follows on Fourth Element’s introduction last year of Thermocline. The world’s first wetsuit made of recycled marine waste.

Yulex® Pure is an ultra-pure natural rubber produced from plants grown with recycled water. Even the waste material remaining after the rubber is extracted is reused as biomass fuel.

SURFACE is part of the OceanPositive product line launched as part of Fourth Element’s Mission 2020: The Dive Industry’s Initiative to Help Save the Oceans.


Fourth Element

fourth element-logoThe idea for Fourth Element came together in 1999 over post-dive beers in Sharm-El-Sheiks, Egypt. With backgrounds in design and human physiology, the goal was to produce high quality clothing. Performance, innovation and function are the principles guiding Fourth Element’s products.

Visit with Blue Ocean’s Laurie Wilson, while visiting the Fourth Element’s Mission 2020, booth #2277 at DEMA 2018 in Las Vegas. Or follow the latest news from Fourth Element on their website.

Yulex® Pure is the also the main material used by Patagonia in their wetsuit, see our article: Will Your Next Wetsuit be Environmentally Friendly?

Sustainable surfboards are also in the news, read about Ecoboards at: Surfing Rides the Waves of Sustainability.


Pointing the Way to a Sustainable Future

Fourth Element, Patagonia and Ecoboards are industry leaders, using recycled, sustainable, Ocean Positive products and manufacturing methods that point the way toward a sustainable future for the Dive and Water Sport Industry.


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