It’s clear that we are living in volatile and complex times

kelpforests, ocen conservation, marine ecology, Case in point: The US Presidential election has filled many with frustration and fear, driven by a deep sense of uncertainty. For changemakers, this level of uncertainty can create a feeling of powerlessness and unresponsiveness; and in this state of mind, we cannot be the change we are here to be.

High Anxiety can produce Aggression and Exhaustion

Executive coach Lizzi Larbalestier sees the effects of today’s deep uncertainty on her traditionally high-functioning clients. When there is a high level of ambiguity about how things are and how they might progress, it is easy to adopt feelings of dis-empowerment, resulting in potential stress and reactive aggression or, at the other end of the energyscale, experiencing lethargy and a sense of resigned apathy.


Uncertainty can disconnect us from our Personal Power

According to Lizzi, when “fighting to win” we can lose sight of ourselves and our interconnectedness. We become less conscious of the fact that we have true influence over our own thoughts and actions falling victim to what we perceive as negative external societal influences that are seemingly out of our control.

No matter how you look at it, living in a state of deep disconnection from our personal power is not the zone for making sound decisions or being a facilitator of change. It can help to remember that while external societal forces can affect us, we can also affect society, and in a positive way: Each wise decision we make can in turn send out productive ripples far and wide… and our actions can therefore create positive external influences.

The Zone of Good Decisions

We have the power to realign our thoughts, and our energy, to be the change, from a place of calmness and knowing. But how do we do this, when we are living in such volatile times?

Lizzi has an unconventional yet effective approach to help her clients manage the waves of change that have been set upon us.  She uses the coastal zone as a tool and a model to help her clients find their personal  “zone” where good decisions emanate.  It is the same personal zone where changemakers can find calm, be centered and in the flow; from this place, they can be their most effective changemaker selves.

Support for Changemakers

In her coaching consultancy Going Coastal Blue, Lizzi shares practical advice with top executives to help them understand where their mind is at, and specific tips on how to get that brain to function in the flow, at its wisest capacity.

An environmental activist, and changemaker herself, Lizzi has created a simple guide for us changemakers, giving some of the same tips and insights she provides her own business leader clientele, to help you discover your own Changemaker zone, and truly “Be The Change”.

Get your Changemaker Guide

Please download a complimentary copy of Lizzi’s A Changemakers Guide to Remaining Coherent in Turbulent Times, designed specifically to help our Ocean Changemaking Community ride the waves of change, and affect change from a place of calm strength and flow.  Download your Changemakers Guide here.

About with Lizzi Larbalestier

Lizzi is an executive coach who works in the littoral zone in beautiful Cornwall, UK. She is known for her playful yet proactive approach to leadership facilitation. An ocean advocate and environmental activist, many of Lizzi’s corporate client organisations target conservation, sustainability and renewable energy.

Working with Lizzi

Lizzi coaches globally via Skype and her consultancy Going Coastal Blue specialises in working with senior business leaders to develop the capacity to be in “flow” to meet the challenges of a fast-changing world.

Lizzi is an mBIT Trainer and Master Coach, NLP Trainer, Coach Trainer and Keynote Speaker: Lizzi will be delivering Certified mBIT Coach Training in California in February 2017 with
50% of profit from this course going directly to Blue Mind Fund.

Going Coastal Blue

To learn more, visit GoingCoastal.Blue. To work with Lizzi, or explore mBIT coaching and / or attend this upcoming coaching programme contact