It became pretty clear to me that conservation had changed, that it wasn’t about hugging trees and saving sharks and pandas, it was about saving humans.
Rob Stewart (Summit ’15)

We Bring Ocean People Together

Our Ocean Events serve to call in the water tribe from around the world to bring hope, share knowledge and have fun!  Meet other Blue Ocean People on and off-line at these upcoming events presented by Blue, or our partners and allies.

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When you sign up for complimentary weekly Ocean Update, you will be first in the know to access some of this community’s events, like our Blue Ocean SummitAnd we let you know when members of this awesome community are congregating  in person at shows and events around the globe. To be first in line for upcoming Blue Ocean events, please Join Us.

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Is there an Ocean event you would like to share with this community? Let us know with an email that includes a brief description of the event (with all pertinent information), write “Event” in the subject line and send your message to Hello (at) If an article is created for your event, we will need a logo and /or image (with credit) that includes the rights to post to this website.

Featured Event

Make Every Day World Oceans Day!

(Blue Ocean Network - June 8, 2011) -- Today is World Oceans Day - A day in which we can celebrate our earth's most beautiful blue resource,and ask ourselves how well we are taking care of it. This day was officially recognized by the United Nations in 2008 and since...

Oceania Dive & Ecotourism Expo 2011

Oceania Dive & Ecotourism Expo 2011

(Blue Ocean Network - June 2, 2011) -- The Oceania Dive & Ecotourism Expo (ODEX) is a consumer and trade show to be held in Brisbane, Australia Friday Oct 7 - Sunday October 9, 2011.  With more than 98 Exhibitors and 40 seminar presentations, special show features...

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