It became pretty clear to me that conservation had changed, that it wasn’t about hugging trees and saving sharks and pandas, it was about saving humans.
Rob Stewart (Summit ’15)

Ocean Days of the Year

Jellyfish Day  3
DEMA Show, Las Vegas   14-17
Sustainable Ocean Summit, Hong Kong 14-16

NOGI Awards   15
#BlueGreen Seminars   15-16
DEMA Reaching Out Awards   16
DEMA WaveMaker Award 16
International Day for Tolerance  16
Buy Nothing Day 23

Evolution Day   24
Giving Tuesday 27

Manatee Awareness Month  1-30
International Year of the Reef to Dec 31

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Featured Event

Wonders of the Sea 3D Coming to a Theater Near You

Wonders of the Sea 3D Coming to a Theater Near You

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Michel Cousteau have teamed up to bring you Wonders of the Sea, an inspiring 85 minute underwater documentary. Wonders of the Sea follows famed filmmaker Jean-Michel Cousteau and his children Celine and Fabien on a voyage of unknown,...

WDHOF To Induct Nine New Members in 2019

WDHOF To Induct Nine New Members in 2019

Dedicated to recognizing and honoring the contributions of women divers, the Women Divers Hall of Fame™ (WDHOF) is an international non-profit professional honor society whose member contributions span a wide variety of fields including: The Arts, Science, Medicine,...

World Octopus Day, October 8th

World Octopus Day, October 8th

I love octopus! And I have had the good luck to dive with them around the world from the Giant Pacific Octopus in Puget Sound to the miniature Blue Ringed Octopus in the South Pacific. It's considered one of the world’s most venomous marine animals. I have never...

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