Summer is almost here, time for the beach. What to pack in the picnic basket? Don’t forget the cooler and remember to bring along a good book. Something light or maybe not, how about everything you need to know about climate change or saving entangled whales. Flowers are not the only thing sprouting this spring, environmental books have leafed out in abundance and Eco Watch has published a list of 15 titles they suggest will be perfect company for your summer reading.


No word for Wilderness environmental booksThe World’s Most Endangered Bears

Did you know that there are Grizzlies roaming the wild in Italy. No Word for Wilderness: Italy’s Grizzlies and the Race to Save the Rarest Bears on Earth by Roger Thompson brings you the history of the bears of Abruzzo. Threatened by encroaching farmers, illegal hunting, diseases, and even the mafia they have now been reduced to approximately 50 individuals. Thompson tells you the history of the Abruzzo bears and predicts their future.



Pandora's Garden environmental books


Kudzu, Cockroaches and Other Misfits of Ecology

In Pandora’s Garden: Kudzu, Cockroaches and Other Misfits of Ecology Clinton Crockett Peters asks the question do cockroaches and other unwanted species represent a real threat or are we projecting our own personal revulsion onto them? This might be the summer’s most thought-provoking book.



Beasts at Bedtime environmental books


Beasts at Bedtime

Liam Heneghan brings us Beasts at Bedtime: Revealing the Environmental Wisdom of Children’s Literature and asks if talking lions and wise spiders bring our kids the appropriate tools for dealing with today’s serious environmental issues? She looks at children’s titles as diverse as Beatrix Potter to Harry Potter to see how they might handle species extinction, climate change and deforestation?




Environmental Books: the History of Weather to the Curious Life of Krill

You might want to learn about the history of weather; or energy, it’s production and its consequences; and everything you might ever want to know about Krill. These are all topics covered on the EcoWatch list. Happy reading.

Don’t forget to add to your list of environmental books, our titles on “Green” living found in: Living Green: How to get to a Sustainable Lifestyle!

by Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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