Eelysium Artists for the Arctic, marine conservation, blue ocean event

You are alive at a crucial moment in history….

..perhaps one of the most pivotal moments we have ever seen. Scientifically measurable effects of climate change are being experienced around the world, and many of us are witnessing these changes in our own backyards. In a world in which science is under attack and facts may have “alternatives”, it has never been more important or more urgent to mobilize our collective voices and fight for the future of our planet and our children.

Join with Elysium Artists for the Arctic World Premier

David Doubilet : Ernie Brooks: Dr Sylvia Earle : Jennifer Hayes : Michael AW :
Howard Shaw : Andreas Jaschek: Alex Rose : Eric Bettens : Leandro Blanco : Stuart Ireland

“Illustrate it, write about it, photograph it, sketch it, paint it, sculpt it, go back with this body of work and present it to change people’s minds, attitudes and maybe behaviors.” – Jennifer Hayes

When we started this project to document how the condition of the Arctic affects each and every one of us, we weren’t interested in how much money we could raise. The larger issue was to pull together as many people as possible….all of you….to take part in an issue that affects all of us. The goal is to send a strong message to our policy makers that we demand immediate, tangible action on climate change….now.

“There is still time, to save what remains. We have an obligation to come back and say, look, this is what I have witnessed…We have to keep the rest of the world engaged, sharing what we know.” – Dr. Sylvia Earle

We are all in this together. Join us, For all of our sake.


The Ocean Geographic Team

A Vital Ally in the Blue Ocean Community