elephant_in_the_ocean_c_blue_ocean_network-com_blue ocean summit, ocean action, ocean change makersThere must be something in the water. For the past two year, Ocean People from around the globe have been coming together to discuss and take action on the biggest issues facing our blue planet. From high-profile to the below-the-radar, the Blue Ocean Summit has interviewed 56 leaders in this global movement to right the wrongs that are now showing up in our ocean.


Blue Ocean Network at Scuba360 Business Forum

Blue Ocean Network’s founder (and host of the Blue Ocean Summit), Laurie J. Wilson will share the profound insights of these 56 ocean movers and shakers during the two-day Scuba360 Business Forum to be held at Asia’s largest consumer dive and travel event, ADEX Singapore 2016.

In the first of two pivotal take-aways from the Blue Ocean Summit, Laurie will reveal “The Elephant in the Ocean” – and share what Marine Science and Ocean Recreation leaders know to be an “obvious industry issue that is either being glossed over or completely unaddressed.”

ADEX Singapore 2016 attendees will hear from some of the top thinkers in the scuba diving, marine tourism and ocean conservation worlds such as Her Deepness Dr. Sylvia Earle, Ocean Ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau, World-class Cave Explorer Jill Heinerth, Award-winning Film-maker Rob Stewart and Ocean Legend Stan Waterman. Learn how dive businesses are taking lead roles in facing the elephant head on.

In a second presentation on day two, Blue Ocean Network will pinpoint a big shift happening that’s affecting the dive industry major in ‘Change Is Sweeping the Scuba Industry – What You Don’t Know Will Kill Your Business.’ According to Wilson, the Summits have revealed a deep change that is being driven by a type of consumer who can make or break your business.

“Armed with a new set of values, this growing consumer segment is putting big demands on businesses that cling to the traditional industry model that typically ignores the Elephant in the Ocean,” warns Wilson.

In this follow-up Blue Ocean Network presentation, participants will find out what everyone needs to know about this “ consumer-who-cannot-be-ignored”, and specific steps to take (and dangers to avoid) to position yourself – as a business and as a consumer – to benefit from this growing market shift.


We are being called as changemakers.

The key message of the Blue Ocean Summit speakers in this worldwide dialogue is clear: From climate change to poverty, the issues humans are inflicting upon our ocean, affect, connect and can unite us all. No matter where you live, or what you do, or how old you may be – if you love the ocean and are concerned about what you see, you are an important part of the solution that creates massive positive sea change.

The Scuba360 Business Forum has been created for exhibitors and consumers alike to help drive this change, and includes presentations from 16 experts from the areas of marine tourism, recreation, science, conservation, manufacturing, social enterprise, the arts and more.

An event supported by the Scuba360 eMagazine trade publication, Scuba360 Business Forum is a series of conferences, panel discussions and presentations involving the industry leaders and key players in the scubaverse. The business forum will be held April 16-17 on the show floor at the Asia Dive Expo ADEX Singapore. The UW360 speakers will be covering seven related areas: marine conservation, marine tourism, branding and marketing in Asia Pacific, scuba gear, underwater photography and video equipment, dive training, and dive safety.


We are all consumers.

Whether you are a dive business owner or a dive consumer, this is an event designed to bring ocean lovers of the industry together.  The Scuba360 Business Forum constitutes a major opportunity for businesses and consumers in Asia Pacific to share information and get the inside track on the trajectory of scuba diving.

The entire Business Forum Schedule can be found at UW360.


About Scuba360 eMagazine

The first of its kind in the region, the Scuba360 eMagazine is a quarterly B-to-B publication that focuses on all things related to the business of scuba diving. Blue Ocean Network is a proud supporter and contributor to Scuba360 eMagazine and Scuba360 Business Forum.


About ADEX

The Asia Dive Expo, ADEX has expanded two-fold from 20,000+ partcipants in 2010, to over 41,000 in 2015, making it the biggest confluence of divers in Asia. Over the past 6 years, ADEX has put marine conservation on the Main Stage by spotlighting marine life in peril including Sharks (2010), Sea Turtles (2011), Manta Rays (2012), Whale Sharks (2013), Coral Reefs (2014), Dolphins (2015) and Seahorses (2016). In 2017 ADEX will spotlight the biggest environmental issue of our time, Climate Change.


Activities at ADEX

ADEX offers a variety of activities for the ocean lover, including conservation presentations on the Main Stage, a Photo / Video Zone, a TekDive Conference, Swimming Pool/Dive Tank, Book Festival, Film Festival, Activity/Kids Zone, Freedive Workshops, Big Blue Party and the Scuba360 Business Forum.

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