sylvia earle, ckip vans, ocean activist, marine conervationist, sustainable choices, protected marine areas, marine sanctuaries, hope spots, marine preservesCelebrating World Oceans Day, “Her Deepness”, Dr. Sylvia Earle opened the Blue Ocean Business Summit today as part of a 9-day free online sustainable business event for dive and travel industry stakeholders.

For an hour, the National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence included Summit participants in a discussion that covered a range of issues, and opportunities: From our industry’s disconnect to the sea, and the question as to whether there is actually such a thing as sustainable seafood, to the concern over deep ocean mining.


Hero for the Planet

Time Magazine’s first “Hero for the Planet” was focused and serious as she addressed the impact of humans on our climate, and had some words to say about the oil industry and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. ¬†Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prime Minister Stephen Harper were not spared in the discussion. In summary, Dr. Earle said the two leaders were fossil-rich and had a ‘different’ agenda than she did.

As always, the conversation had a hopeful tone. The submarine-loving oceanographer reminded the audience that we are here in a moment in history like no other: We are being called on as individuals, and as a community to come together to activate the solutions that are available right now. Dr. Earle made it abundantly clear that it’s an all-hands-on-deck call for dive industry action.


Blue Ocean Summit for Dive Industry Stakeholders

The Summit is designed specifically for all dive industry stakeholders including: manufacturers, certification agencies, dive stores, media and consulting, trade and consumer shows, resorts, live-aboards, dive operators, marine parks managers, scientists, divers, instructors, group leaders, travel wholesalers, photographers, marine nonprofits, water sports and hotel associations, and travel and tourism professionals.

The free online event, which runs June 8 – 19, features an inspiring group of 35 action-oriented thought leaders and trailblazers who share insights, lessons learned and action steps that have helped them to successfully ride the waves of change already happening in the marine tourism and dive recreation industries. Each day, Summit participants have access to four interviews with world-changing Ocean People.

In addition to the former NOAA Chief Scientist, participants will watch featured speakers such as Jean-Michel Cousteau (Ocean Futures Society), Stan Waterman (The Man Who Loved Sharks), Jill Heinerth (We Are Water), Rob Stewart (Revolution), Ken Nedimyer (Coral Restoration Foundation), Wendy Benchley (Peter Benchley Ocean Awards) and 28 additional speakers from 13 countries.

To attend the Blue Ocean Business Summit 2015, sign up for free at Interview recordings of each day’s speakers are available to participants for the remaining duration of the Summit. Media Contact: Luli Maccagnio. Twitter: @BlueOceanSummit
FaceBook: BlueOceanBusinessSummit

Photo: Kipp Evans, Mission Blue