the Second Season is Available Now

years_of_living_dangerously_climate change, global warming, ocean issues, marine conservation, environmental ativistsThe documentary television series “Years of Living Dangerously” has begun its second season by exploring the dramatic effects of climate change. The Emmy Award winning, series premiered on the National Geographic Channel in October.  Anyone concerned with the ramifications of global warming should make sure to watch this thought provoking series



The eight part, weekly series features celebrities who are also environmental activists and well-known journalists traveling the world to investigate and seek solutions to the effects of global warming.

james_cameron_years of living dangerously, environmental activists, global warming, climate change, rising sea levels, conservationistsArnold Schwarzenegger as co-producer and narrator of the series says “I think the environmental movement can only be successful if we are simple and clear and make it a human story. We will tell human stories in this project. The scientists would never get the kind of attention that someone in show business gets.”  He refers to David Letterman, Gisele Bundchen, Bradley Whitford and Ty Burrell who serve as investigators alongside reporters like Thomas Friedman and Lesley Stahl to ask questions and probe for answers. Executive producer James Cameron adds “We didn’t use our celebrities as talking head experts, because they’re not climate experts. They were concerned, intelligent, curious citizens who were out to find answers.


Why the Sunshine State Blocks Solar Energy

The second season opens with Episode 1, “A Race Against Time” that focuses on renewable energy sources. David Letterman explores India to investigate its attempts to meet the energy demands of an exploding population. While Cecily Strong interviews former officials of the Sunshine State revealing how Florida’s politicians and utility companies have blocked the expansion of solar energy.


Sea Level Rise, Climate Refugees and the Collapse of Oceans

gisele bundchen environmentalist, yeas of living dangerously, global warming, ocean acidification, ocean issues, marine conservationLater episodes deal with rising sea-levels and its impact on coastal cities like Miami. Thomas Friedman in “The Uprooted” explores the issue of “climate refugees” a population that could reach 1 billion, as a result of coastal flooding, hurricanes and desertification. The degradation of the Amazonian Rain-forest is explored by native Brazilian Gisele Bundchen who joins the national environmental police as they fight to end illegal deforestation


Ocean Acidification and Endangered Species

In Episode 5, the devastating impact of ocean warming on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is explored in the “Collapse of the Oceans. The world-wide, threat to endangered species is investigated in Episode 6, “Priceless”. Ty Burrell explains how electric vehicles can greatly reduce carbon emissions in episode 7, “Safe Passage” while Bradley Whitford goes to Washingto DC, with environmental activists to persuade legislators to join in the fight against climate change. In the final episode the impact of burning coal in Waukegan Illinois and China is investigated and how clean energy options can provide a solution.

Season 2 was premiered along with Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate documentary “Before the Flood” on the National Geographic Channel and in over 440 million homes worldwide. The nine episodes in Season One are still available via Showtime, on DVD and other digital platforms.  Visit the official Years of Living Dangerously website at