Donald trump, St. Andrews golf course, Scotland, president donald trump, realestate developer, “I have never seen such an unspoilt and dramatic seaside landscape” Donald Trump exclaimed when he first laid eyes on what would become the Trump International Golf Links Scotland. Seven years later with ancient sand dunes bulldozed he states, “what I’ve done is made the land incredible… It’s a piece of land that’s fully sculpted, it’s beautiful, it’s ready, and I can go anytime I want.”  (photo – Donald trump at St. Andrews golf Course, scotland, ONGolf)

Filmmaker Anthony Baxter wrote: “Trump claimed his Menie estate golf course would be ‘environmentally perfect.’ But, in fact, it destroyed the ability of the sand dunes to move and shift naturally, something that was highlighted by every credible environmental group in the land when his plans were first submitted.”


Don’t Need No Advice

As part of the original agreement in 2008 to gain permission for construction Trump was required to create an Environmental Advisory Group, Now with plans to expand his project moving forward, to have an advisory group looking over his shoulder might prove awkward. Consequently it has been confirmed that TIGLS no longer needs advice and the group has been disbanded against the guidance of local authorities and the First Minister of Scotland.

idesignarch, mar-a-lago, donald trump, donald trump no conservationist, In Palm Beach, Florida at his Mar-a-Lago estate Trump ordered seagrass meadows and coral reefs filled in, without the required federal permits. (photo – Idesignarch)


Not a Stellar Record as a Conservationist

As these examples show Donald Trump has never had a stellar record as a conservationist. Now Trump’s budget cuts to NOAA and the EPA not only cause one to question his commitment to science but to the country’s environmental health as well. His primary initiative has been to cancel “burdensome” regulations and allow the expansion of offshore oil drilling. The full range of programs threatened by the Trump budget cuts include NOAA, EPA, FEMA, USCG, DOA, NASA, CSB, USACE and the State Department.

Read David Helvarg’s opinion piece in Eco Magazine for a full analysis: Ocean Death by a Thousand Budget Cuts.

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