“I think if we stop yelling at people and start empowering them with information, then the result’s going to be a whole lot better.” “we’ve got to make it cool and inclusive to be environmentally respectful.” ~ Jill Heinerth


Jill Heinerth, cave diver, underwater photographer, sustainable choices, ocean issues, marine educatorJill Heinerth says that she is not a scientist, but years of underground diving have turned her into an ambassador for the world’s water sources. She explains that all water is connected, and that the caves in which she dives are “the beginning of the pipe.”

Author, underwater photographer, underwater filmmaker, diving educator, and cave explorer Jill Heinerth knows much about our world’s water system. Jill’s latest project “We are Water” is an hour-long documentary film that sheds light on what is really going on beneath the surface, in places few divers will ever tread fins.

Jill aims to expand water literacy worldwide. Her water wisdom is being shared in Global Chorus, a book with 365 illustrious contributors which offers a diverse range of perspectives and complementary sustainable solutions. “the good news is that technology and social media have enabled a global paradigm shift. I can talk to people in China. We can share experience. We can share ideas. We now have a voice that can reach globally … We have this power to communicate.”


“Kids, they feel the responsibility to fix what we’ve messed up”


“Kids…they listen and they take it in. They want to live in a different world, and I think they feel the responsibility to fix what we’ve messed up for them.” Jill says that kids can’t ignore global climate change, they can’t ignore water scarcity issues. “They’re going to have to live differently than we did.”

Jill’s work as an underwater photographer and writer have been featured in prominent publications around the world. In recognition of her lifetime achievement, Jill was awarded the inaugural Medal for Exploration. Established by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, the medal recognizes singular achievements and the pursuit of excellence by an outstanding Canadian explorer. Recognizing a lifetime devoted to water advocacy, Jill was awarded the Wyland Icon and Sea Hero of the Year awards. Jill is a motivational speaker, prolific author of numerous books on technical diving and a pioneer in the field of technical rebreather and cave diving. She founded www.WeAreWaterProject.com to spread water literacy and information that helps people to become better ocean stewards of our water resources. Jill’s website www.IntoThePlanet.com tells her prolific exploration story.


“We are the ones who have an opportunity to tell people what’s going on.”


“I try to live with as little footprint as possible. I’m trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle…. I don’t want to be bigger.” “the dive community are …the ambassadors. We are the ones who have an opportunity to tell people about what’s going on.”

To learn more about Jill’s many marine education projects and how she addresses ocean issues join Jill Heinerth to hear her entire Blue Ocean interview at Summit 2015: Jill Heinerth. You can also visit Jill at The Water Project or see her We Are Water Project. To support the Blue Ocean community and to order Jill Heinerth’s books find them at the Store.

Another very creative speaker is the young film maker Jonah Bryson. At age 12, Jonah began directing A Sweet Spot in Time, a documentary about environmental issues. The film features astronaut Chris Hadfield, National Geographic oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, Sharkwater director Rob Stewart and Steve Spangler, the Science Guy from The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Now several years older Jonah has had extraordinary experiences with extraordinary people, see his article at: Ocean Profiles: Jonah Bryson.