divi_resort, Divi Flamingo, Bonaire, eco-tourism, eco dive resort, sustainable dive industry, marine conservationm (Blue Ocean Network – April 6, 2011) –The Divi Flamingo is a landmark dive resort in Bonaire and it is celebrating a 60th anniversary of being in the dive business. And the Divi Flamingo is offering special promotions and events to celebrate its six decades of serving tourists and divers. The Divi Flamingo opened in 1952 as the Hotel Zeebad and was the island’s first dive resort. In 1975 the resort was purchased by Divi Resorts and became know by its present name. The hotel has made major renovations and now boasts the Chibi Chibi restaurant. The resort attracts divers and travelers from around the world.

See what the resort has in store for you by going here:Divi Flamingo’s 60th Anniversary.

Or visit DiviFlamingo.com or call -800-367-3484. To book the Legends week, call Bonnie Hanley at 954-545-0269 or email Bonnie.Hanley@diviresorts.com.