dive_assure_ sustainable dive business, sustainable dive travel, sustainable dive tourismDiveAssure recently introduced a unique and exclusive program that covers scenarios specific to liveaboard trips that are not covered by any other travel insurance program on the market. The new Liveaboard Rider offers the most comprehensive coverage for liveaboard trips today and can be purchased together with either of DiveAssure’s Deluxe or Elite single-trip dive-travel plans and provide the ultimate coverage for liveaboard trips. Coverage is only available for trips outside the United States.

Adding the new Liveaboard Rider enhances DiveAssure’s primary coverage ‎and protect divers against unforeseen scenarios such as:

Missing the liveaboard departure due to airline delays and/or missed connections

Lost diving days due to various reasons such as:

o    Inclement weather;

o    Mechanical breakdown of liveaboard vessel;

o    Mechanical breakdown of air supply;

o    Financial default of liveaboard company;

o    The Traveler’s own medical inability to dive;

o    Diving accident to another passenger onboard causing the boat to abort planned diving.

>The above scenarios are specific to liveaboard trips and are either covered partially or not covered at all by any other travel insurance policy. For example, should a traveler miss a connecting flight to the point of departure due to bad weather, other policies would cover only overnight accommodation expenses. With the DiveAssure Liveaboard Rider, the traveler’s entire travel investment is protected, including the expense of the missed liveaboard vacation as a result of missing the flight.

In Addition

Dive travelers can now be reimbursed for Lost Diving Days during the liveaboard trip, which are now exclusively covered under the Liveaboard Rider.

DiveAssure partners are welcome to contact the support team and learn more about the Liveaboard Rider. Dive shops, travel agents and liveaboard companies who have not yet partnered with DiveAssure are welcome to contact DiveAssure today and become partners. Partnership is free of charge and allows dive travel pros to offer their clients superior diving and travel insurance, while earning from each diver who becomes a DiveAssure member.

To learn more about this new and exclusive offer visit DiveAssure. Contact DiveAssure at 1-866-898-0921 ex. 2 or send an email to partners@diveassure.com