New Pathway for Sustainable Development

west_papua_declared_conservation_province, sustainable development, sustainable diving, marine conservationOctober 19, 2015: Today West Papua Governor Abraham Otoruri officially declared West Papua the “Conservation Province“. This is good news for dive tourism in the region as it gives the go-ahead for a ground-breaking new pathway for sustainable development that maintains the region’s natural capital.

The West Papua Government’s Conservation Province policy initiative brings together government, non-government, community, academic and religious partners to create a framework that links green government planning and budgetary cycles with agencies and departments with clear sustainability goals.

Now in its early stages of economic development, the province of Papual Barat’s bold vision will:

  • support food security with well-managed fisheries,
  • support local livelihoods with sustainable employment opportunities
  • protect customary rights over natural resources
  • facilitate economic growth that is compatible with the sustainable development vision
  • reduce the rate of deforestation
  • protect 30% of the marine and coastal area with a multi-use marine protected area (MPA) network that links land and aquatic systems,  and
  • protect globally significant biodiversity and ecosystem services including carbon sequestration.

A Long Term Commitment to Marine Protected Areas

Conservation International has made a long term commitment and taken a lead role in helping the region to balance and mitigate development opportunities and risks in West Papua. Over the last decade, CI has led the globally-recognized Bird’s Head Seascape program which has seen over $50 million invested in the province to establish a network of MPA’s that encompasses 3.6 million hectares.

For more information visit Bird’s Head