“I believe in alive oceans that are full with species that we would love to see. I believe there’s opportunities to achieve this. I believe there’s no cost, just benefits… It’s a beautiful system that we want to preserve for future generations. We can do it together. We just have to have one vision… but it’s do-able.” ~ Stefan Gossling

stefan_gossling, ocean activist, sustainable travel, sustainable tourism, marine conservationA lesser-known hero of the diving world, Stefan is better known for his ample academic work. With a background in economics, ecology and tourism, Stefan has taken his love of scuba diving to new heights on the international stage, informing high-level policy-makers at the UN and EU. In our talk Stefan shows us just how important it is in dive tourism to embrace sustainable travel, carbon mitigation and for worldwide regulatory constraints that the tourism industry will soon have to embrace.



“I think diving has always been about education”


Stefan states “I think diving has always been about education, it’s about deep experiences. It’s about understanding a different environment. The dive industry is really one area where a lot more communication about these issues could take place, because people are open for it.”

Dr. Stefan Gössling is a professor at the School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University, Kalmar in Sweden. He is also the research coordinator of the Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism at the Western Norway Research Institute. Stefan has worked in sustainable tourism and specifically climate change since 1992. His work has been primarily in the Western Indian Ocean and the Caribbean.


“Tourists…want the Dive Business to act responsibly, sustainably”


“Tourists…want business to act responsibly, sustainably. There’s an expectation and it is not going to vanish, it’s going to be stronger and stronger.” “If there is a choice between two businesses that are similar, offering the same product, then people will definitely go for the one that is more environmentally friendly, more environmentally concerned, more environmentally sustainable. It’s a question of quality.”

Stefan is on the editorial board of five scientific journals, including two of the highest ranked tourism journals. He has published 75 articles in journals and written/edited 12 books. He has worked as a consultant on behalf of organizations including UNEP, UNWTO, OECD, EC, GIZ, DFID, AusAID, Caribbean Tour Operators, as well as governments and companies. Stefan has been a member of the Advisory Committee of the UNEP Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, as well as the scientific advisory board of International Tourism Partnership (London), Futouris (Berlin) and NIT (Kiel).

“if we all as concerned tourists ask just one critical question each time we go on holiday, it will change the world, because all of a sudden people would have to start thinking about sustainability…That would be a very good process if that could be initiated by the dive industry.”


Here’s an International Perspective on making Sustainable Choices”


Stefan offers an international perspective on the benefits of making sustainable choices and initiating sustainable practices in the dive industry. To hear more of Stefan’s insights join us for his entire interview at Blue Ocean Summit 2015: Stefan Gossling. To support the Blue Ocean community and to order Stefan Gossling’s books and to view our entire directory of marine books and underwater films visit the Store

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