Cartoonist Jim Toomey entertains us, while also sharing some very important messages. His new series The Adventures of Zack and Molly delights us with 2 very unlikely characters: Zack is more engaged with his smartphone than the real world, while Molly is from a deeper level. In fact, Molly is a very tech-savvy Dumbo Octopus and she invites Zack to join her in her world, deep into the Gulf of Mexico.

Jim toomey The Adventures of Zack and Molly video series

In their adventures together, Zack discovers that the deep sea is not “just a lifeless world” as Molly introduces Zack to some of her underwater friends. Along the way Zack discovers that Molly and her friends are threatened by ocean pollution, intrusive sonic testing, poisonous leakage from oil wells and deep-sea trawling. In return Molly needs Zack to help her bring a message to the world that can save her friends and their home below the waves.

Zack is very impressed by Molly and asks ‘Mind if I ask you a really personal octopus question…do octopus really have nine brains…humans have just one brain…It’s a lot to ask of one brain.


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