ecofriendly, eco-tourism, sustainable travel, eco-resort, sustainable tourism resort, sustainable dive business(Blue Ocean – Oct 16, 2016) — According to the latest research from Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Center for Hospitality Research, eco-certified hotels “generally have higher resource efficiency on both the operator and the customer factors.” And furthermore, “This finding underscores the credibility of audit-worthy eco-certifications … and provides further empirical evidence for operational benefits of eco-certifications.”


Green Globe Eco-certification

According to the eco-certification organization Green Globe, its members have consistently reported efficiency gains in resources, particularly energy and water, from 5% to 20% per year.  According to Green Globe, these efficiency gains not only bring environmental benefits, they put to rest any concerns by hoteliers that adopting eco-certification will raise operational cost, but instead it brings additional revenue.

The Cornell research also notes the transference of environmentally efficient behaviour by hotel management to their guests, bringing about a virtuous cycle of savings. It is apparent that eco-certified hotels not only attract guests who are mindful of environmental issues, but in-house initiatives allow everyone to help save resources and contribute to sustainable outcomes during each and every stay.

Eco-certification organizations like Green Globe provide a clear and definitive set of simple activities in a structured approach that allow hotels to deliver sustainable management outcomes. Essentially Green Globe provides an organized map that underpins the hotel’s’ or resort’s own management process, delivering environmental benefits every day as staff carry out their important duties caring for their guests.

With so many eco programs available, it is important to note that organizations like Green Globe create an organised map of actions can be independently and efficiently audited to ensure internal compliance and validate external claims to be a truly green tourism business. Cornell’s important research clearly found that business efficiencies and clear communication with guests can only be achieved when hotels and resorts adopt “audit-worthy eco-certifications” – that is the certification organization can “guarantee an audit of their certification.”

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Click on link below for attached Cornell Hospitality Report: Exploring the Relationship between Eco-certifications and Resource Efficiency in U.S. Hotels by Jie J. Zhang, D.B.A., Nitin Joglekar, Ph.D., Rohit Verma, Ph.D., Janelle Heineke, D.B.A.