chocolate covered insects gone ta, Chocolate Covered Insects Day, October 14Most of us love chocolate and some of us really love chocolate. I like my chocolate with a bit of crunch, maybe an almond or caramel. Perfect! But can chocolate and in particular, chocolate covered insects save the world? Let’s find out!

On October 14 you can satisfy your urge for chocolate by celebrating National Chocolate Covered Insect Day. (photo – gone ta


With a bit of crunch!

Like I said, I like my chocolate with a little “crunch”, well what if that “crunch” came from, let’s say a cricket. Same chocolate flavor, same crunch and in the process, you’re making a statement about global hunger.


Food for Thought!

chocolate covered grasshopper, eating insectsWith an exploding world population estimated to reach 9 billion people by 2100 and with famine and food insecurity in the world’s headlines, maybe it’s time to take a bite that buzzes and crawls rather than swims, has feathers or four feet. (photo – ndtv)


Eating insects has been around since, well insects!

eating insects food ndtv, Chocolate Covered Insects Day, October 14In some Asian countries, like China and Thailand, chocolate-covered insects are considered a delicacy. Usually crickets and ants slathered in chocolate are the most popular items and some connoisseurs compare them to chocolate-covered popcorn. In Southern Africa, caterpillars (without the chocolate!) are an important source of protein.

The health benefits of eating insects has been studied thoroughly and the conclusions are clear. Eat insects, they are full of protein, do not require millions of acres of grazing land or oceans of drinking water.


Slow Global Warming and Save the Oceans!

Eating insects may slow global warming by reducing the methane gas (a serious greenhouse gas) produced by cattle.  Plus eating insects is good for the ocean by taking the pressure off our over-fished fish populations.


How eating insects can lead to romance!

Chapulines Seller, Oaxaca MarketHere’s my personal take on eating insects. I have spent a lot of time in Mexico and one of my favorite destinations is the city of Oaxaca. In the evenings the best place to people watch is from a bench in the main square near the bandshell.

Local ladies with enormous baskets pass by offering the local treat, chapulines that’s right, fried grasshoppers (without chocolate). With a little local mezcal, chapulines go down better than potato chips (everything goes down better with mezcal) and they are much healthier for you. You do need to make sure the legs don’t get caught between your teeth.

When I had my first date with my wife-to-be, we had dinner at a very good Mexican restaurant called, you guessed it, Chapulines. When the hoppers were in season they were air expressed straight to Chicago and featured as a main appetizer. (photo –

You might call it a test of courage  or just plain willingness to explore the unknown but my date dug in and the rest is history. Twenty years later we are still exploring new tastes and experiences. The moral of the story is simple, eat grasshoppers and you might get married.


If you don’t believe me here are the videos.

Here are some great videos to share that suggest what might be in the future for all of us.  Actually I was very surprised to discover how many videos there are on this subject. So, check it out, dig in and take a bite out of world hunger.


The Future of Food: Eating Insects


Everything you need to know about eating insects


Bugging out: America’s first edible cricket farm

Bon Appetit!! Enjoy Chocolate Covered Insects Day.

by Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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