Attention, all Blue Ocean Community, mark your calendars for the July 14 premier of Chasing Coral on Netflix. You don’t want to miss this compelling report on the plight of the world’s coral reefs.

Chasing Coral is the story of a group of dedicated divers, scientists, underwater photographers and filmmakers that traveled for three years around the world to uncover the causes beneath the demise of our ocean’s coral reefs.

The team captured over 650 hours of footage and the result is both breathtaking and distressing. Visuals and narrative combine to put into perspective just how endangered our coral reefs are and argue for why we must take action now. The filmmakers also documented the efforts of those who are attempting to save the reefs.

Chasing Coral was directed by Jeff Orlowski and Produced by Larissa Rhodes, and is an Exposure Labs production.

Chasing Coral won the US Documentary Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017. Film critic Robert Ebert says “Chasing Coral is a Landmark Film for activism.”


Chasing Coral Premieres on Netflix July 14, 2017

Chasing Coral follows Jeff Orlowski’s earlier, award winning documentary Chasing Ice that explored the issue of Climate Change. Chasing Ice debuted in 2013 on the National Geographic Channel and won an Emmy in 2014 for Outstanding Nature Programming. Chasing Ice has been viewed in more than 172 countries, on all continents.


Breaking News: Chasing Coral appears to be a very strong contender for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Film, see


What You Can Do!

Chasing Coral will be launching an ambitious campaign later this year. Here’s how you can help now:

  1. Don’t miss the film on Netflix July 14
  2. Share the film – If you want to host a screening, sign up here.
  3. Donate – Your donation will help get this message in to more communities.

Email Visit  (310) 243-6306

by Robert Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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