polar-bears-blue ocean summit 2016, marine conservation, ocean activists, sustainable choices, sustainable dive businessThe Blue Ocean Summit 2016 has chosen the mighty Polar Bear as it’s signature event icon. The mother Polar Bear image, taken by Award-winning Wildlife Photographer Amos Nachoum, is the poster mammal for Climate Change.

This mother Polar Bear (above) is our Summit Icon. She’s working from where she is, with what she’s got, using her experience and opportunities that present themselves to find her way forward. She’s teaching herself and her cubs new behaviors, including swimming in open water for extended periods of time.

Arctic Apex Predators, Polar Bears are marine mammals and considered the iconic image for climate change: The world’s largest bear has been placed on the threatened species list due to rapid habitat loss from melting Arctic ice.

Polar Bears have been quick to adapt, changing what they eat, where they live, how they live, and how they interact with other species, and yet still may go extinct within the next 30 years – because of us. If we humans do not follow their lead and change our own behaviors, we are facing the same fate.

(Hint: She’s a role model for navigating change.)

Photo Courtesy:  (c)2015 Amos@BigAnimals.com