blue_the_dive_invite_2015-Attendees to the annual DEMA Show 2015 in Orlando Florida November 4-7 should circle their calendars and star their show programs: The 3rd annual Blue The Dive open meeting will be held on Friday November 6 at 10 a.m. in room S310B. On a mission to promote a sustainable dive industry, the Blue the Dive core leadership team is foreseeing another standing-room only crowd for its presentation on the giant strides this industry movement has made in the past year and the next steps for 2016.

Blue the Dive’s mission is to promote a strong unified voice for ocean protection driven by the dive community. By creating a collective move forward at the grassroots level, the leadership team has engaged the support of businesses owners and organizations from all aspects of the dive industry, including retailers, dive operators, resorts, live-aboards, travel, training, media, and the marine non-profit and scientific communities.

sylvia-earle,_blue_the_dive_Dr. Sylvia Earle, Jean-Michele Cousteau, Celine Cousteau, Stan Waterman, Wyland, Jill Heinerth, Sharon Kwok, Louie Psihoyos, Cathy Church, David Doubilet, Jim Toomey, Doug McNeese, Andy Brandy Casagrande and Michael Aw are a sampling of the dive industry luminaries who support the Blue The Dive mission.

Blue The Dive was founded in 2013 by the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA), the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), and Ocean First Institute (OFI). Since its creation a core team of individuals has been meeting regularly to further organize and ignite this initiative.

The goal of Blue The Dive is to encourage the dive community to embrace industry-wide conservation efforts through education, action and sustainable business practices.

At DEMA 2014, over 100 professionals attended a standing-room only workshop to share best practices, ways forward and pledge to Blue the Dive. To date more that 1860 industry professionals have signed the Blue The Dive Pledge and do their part to create a sustainable industry.

The Blue The Dive 2015 Meeting is expected to pack the house once again, as it serves as a siren call for Dive Professionals who care about the future of the ocean and the industry, and are ready to do something about it. For more information visit Blue The, take the Pledge or  contact

About DEMA Show 2015.
Hosted by the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association, DEMA Show 2015 will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida November 4-7, 2015. For more information on DEMA and affiliated programs contact (800) 862-DIVE (3483) or (858) 616-6408.  DEMA is an international organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of the recreational scuba diving and snorkeling industry.