Blue Planet II is the BBC nature series presented and narrated by naturalist, Sir David Attenborough. Each beautiful episode features visuals produced over the course of four years. The footage includes 4000 dives on 125 expeditions shot in over 39 countries. Blue Planet II is critical TV viewing.

Blue Planet II was named England’s best TV show of 2017 and was the year’s most widely watched British program. Theresa May, the Prime Minister, called it BBC programming at its finest.

Blue Planet II is a sequel to the original, award-winning 8-part series first broadcast sixteen years ago. Since 2001, a lot has happened to our Blue Planet and most of it threatens the ocean’s very viability. In this sequel, Attenborough especially focuses on human activity and the impact of the plastic pollution poisoning the world’s ocean. When receiving the Impact Trophy at the National Television Awards, Attenbourough said this:

“If our television programs have helped stir the consciences of people around the world and that we are going to do something to protect our beautiful world, then all of us will be very pleased.”

Galvanizing Political Action!

Attenborough’s words and the Blue Planet II message galvanized public opinion and the political will of parliamentarians to take action on banning plastic.

“Audiences across the country glued to Blue Planet II have been starkly reminded of the problems of plastic pollution. And I want us now to become a world leader in tackling the scourge of plastic littering our planet and our oceans.” Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that Parliament was considering raising deposit fees on plastic bottles. This strategy is part of a wider attempt to curb one-time, throw-away plastic product use. See our post: Great Britain leads the way in fighting Plastic Pollution.

However as we face a big change in our plastic supply chain, these good intentions will go only part way in solving the plastic pollution problem.See our post, Where Does All That Garbage Go?, to understand how changing infrastructure is shaking up our current waste removal methods.


A Critical Message for Each of Us!

blue planet II plastic pollution in oceanWhen Attenborough was asked what individuals can do, he replied: “Think of the consequences of what they do. Of what they throw away. What they eat and how they organize their lives. And in the end who they vote for.” (photo – Blue Planet II)

When I watched Blue Planet II, I was enchanted by Attenborough’s continued amazement when presented with the miracles of nature. He has a gift of sharing that enthusiasm with his audience. This perspective combined with the moment-in-time importance of the Blue Planet II message makes this the most important TV experience you can have.

By Robert Frerck, Blue


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