blue_friday, blue ocean summit,2015, ocean action, ocean change makers, marine conservation, sustainable choicesEarlier this year, Blue Ocean Network dived into another exploratory project, creating an online video summit for the dive and travel trade that addresses the biggest peril we face – Business As Usual.

The resulting Blue Ocean Business Summit 2015 is a dive industry-first, with 36 high profile and below-the-radar Ocean Entrepreneurs, “Actionists” and Heros from 13 countries speaking to 697 industry participants from across the globe, and from all stakeholder groups. For those who missed it, the Summit is now available for download, along with a special limited time only “Blue Friday” discount.

Summit Founder and Host Laurie Wilson, explained that this year’s summit theme is based on the figure of speech “Elephant in the Room” which means ‘an obvious truth is either being ignored or going unaddressed.’

Wilson said, “A healthy dive industry is fundamentally linked to a healthy ocean, but our ocean is in trouble. Up until now, the mainstream won’t talk about the state of our ocean – it’s considered ‘bad for business’, but the Summit Speakers we assembled are changing all that.”


Sylvia Earle and Jean-Michel Cousteau

“Her Deepness” Dr. Sylvia Earle, Ocean Ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau, renowned Cave Explorer Jill Heinerth, Dive Legend Stan Waterman, Plastic Pollution Crusader Dianna Cohen, Celebrity Activist Sharon Kwok and “Sharkwater” filmmaker Rob Stewart are just a sampling of the 36 Ocean Changemakers who are willing to tell it like it is and do something about it.

If you missed this game-changing Summit, you now have the chance to access the entire online summit proceedings for a limited time at a deep discount. Dubbing it Blue Friday, Summit organizers are offering a 50% discount on the entire Summit proceedings (hosted by Vimeo) during Black Friday Nov 27 thru Cyber Monday Nov 30, 2015.

To get the deep discount and access the Summit, go to, click on the Whale Pass ‘Buy’ button, and use the discount code BLUEFRIDAY upon check-out.

The Summit Whale Pass gives instant access to the entire 9-day Summit, including; 36 video interviews and 36 downloadable audios from industry pros; VIP access to the Summit’s lively Closed FaceBook Discussion Group; First-hand intel with a complimentary subscription to the Blue Ocean Network OceanViews newsletter and; front-of-the-line access to all upcoming events including BOBSummit 2016.

Summit Host Wilson remarked, “Close to 700 eco-conscious entrepreneurs and industry pros have already attended the Summit, and the positive feedback has been really exciting. Attendees have been saying things like, ‘This is not just for the dive industry. Everybody should listen to these speakers!’ It’s clear we’ve struck a nerve and a need. Our #BLUEFRIDAY offer is a way to get all this action-oriented wisdom to a wider audience that wants it.”

More Summit details and the entire Summit Agenda can be found at  To take advantage of the #BlueFriday deep discount on the entire Summit, go to, click on the Whale Pass ‘Buy’ button, then apply the discount code BLUEFRIDAY upon checkout.