blackbird_caye_eco-resort_belize, marien reserves, protected marine areas, protecting the ocean, protected marine sanctuary(Blue Ocean – Monday March 24, 2014) — Long known for their super-competitiveness in business, some of today’s superrich are engaging in a far worthier competition – protecting the planet’s seas and islands.

Swiss biotech billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli appears to have the early lead having helped create two marine reserves. Chagos, in the Indian Ocean, is the biggest in the world; Turneff Atoll in Belize, although smaller, may be the more critical given that 70% of the Caribbean’s reefs are threatened.

British tycoon Sir Richard Branson has pledged ongoing support for the Caribbean Challenge Inititative, which aims to protect 20% of the Caribbean’s marine and coastal resources.

Personal computing entrepreneur Ted Waitt is helping to expand Cabrera National Park in Spain’s Balearic Isalnds – an important spawning ground for the highly endangered blue fin tuna.

This kind of competition is what the world needs more of.

Photo: Blackbird Caye Eco-Resort, Belize