Bigbird is a young pelican. Separated from his flock during a storm, he was adopted by the staff of a safari camp. What was a chance encounter evolved into an unlikely, but very sweet friendship. Jeffry the manager of Greystoke Mahale, a Nomad Tanzania resort, has been helping Bigbird learn to fly and fish. These heartwarming Go Pro videos reveal a very rare and intimate glimpse of what it’s like growing up as Bigbird the Pelican.


This is Bigbird Learning to Fly

Bigbird learns to fly by immitating Jeffry who seems to be pretty good at it himself.


This is Bigbird Learning To Fish

Fishing is a challenge for Bigbird because it is normally an exercise conducted by the entire flock, not by individual birds.

Blue Ocean loves bringing marine life stories to you. Unfortunately, very few have been about seabirds. We hope that Bigbird’s story helps to correct that oversight. Pelicans exhibit many unique physical features like their long beak and enormous pouch. They also seem to be highly intelligent and, as displayed by Bigbird, unusually affectionate.


Pelicans are most unusual creatures

This video tells you everything you ever wanted to know about pelicans. And probably some things you never thought to think about.


Go Fishing Where the Fish Are!

He’s waiting patiently in line in a fish store, but, like all of us, getting noticed can sometimes be exasperating.


Aerodynamics on Display

Hitting the water at 40 miles an hour, how does a pelican do it without seriously injuring their wings, neck, or eyes?

This has been one of the most entertaining articles to share with you. Instead of the everyday gloom and doom in the news, its fun to be reminded of beautiful creatures and wonderful and enduring if unlikely friendships.

Bob Frerck, Blue Ocean Network


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