2016 Set Records for Ocean Action

Big Ocean Stories of 2016, ocean activists, marine conservation sustainable choices, sustainable energy Wow, what a tremendous year for Ocean Action, both positive and negative. The BlueOcean.net team felt the absolute necessity to do a wrap-around of the 12 most important Big Ocean Stories of 2016, that are affecting you and the ocean.

Some of these issues like Climate Change and Plastics in Our Ocean have so many important headlines that our articles are mini wrap-arounds in themselves. So dig in, there is an enormous amount of information for you in the following posts and you will certainly find particular issues that will resonate for you. Let’s start.



1. The Year the World Focused on Climate Change

2016 was a very mixed year for the world versus climate change. It was the hottest year in recorded history but also saw the Paris Accord and international cooperation to fight Global Warming.

2. Marine Protected Areas: A Giant Leap for Fish Kind

MPA expansion took a great leap forward in 2016 with the protection of the Ross Sea, but the Antarctic MPA was just one of many advancements to keep marine ecosystems intact.

3. Our Plastic Ocean

2016 was a year in which awareness of the plastic pollution problem exploded around the world.

4. The Rise of Renewables

Renewable energy technologies have grown so competitive and widespread that they are reshaping common perceptions of climate change.

5. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Joins with Obama to Ban Oil and Gas Leases in the Arctic

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau joined with President Obama to ban new leases for extraction of Oil and Gas in the Arctic and Atlantic.

6. Major Victory for Protection of the Ross Sea Hope Spot

The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) made history today by declaring the world’s largest marine protected area – 1.55 million km of the Ross Sea in the Southern Ocean.

7. Illegal Fishing On the Hook in 2016

A treaty was signed,  new technologies were launched, and economic pressure put into place to fight global illegal fishing in 2016.

8. Sustainable Fishing: Decline in fish stocks propel new models for ocean management

Our voracious consumption of fish has been caught in a 10-year study by 400 global collaborators  – and it’s conclusion is anything but sustainable fishing.


9. Hidden Coral Reefs Reveal New Ecosystems

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