blue ocean summit, ocean change-makers, sustainable dive business, sustainable choices, ocean activist(Blue Ocean – Friday May 30, 2014) — The Blue Ocean Business Summit kicks off on Monday June 2, 2014. This free online industry event calls all stakeholders to the table for a game-changing gathering of trailblazers who are making a difference while making a living.

The first day is entitled Big Ocean, Big Picture and gives online participants a powerful grounding on the new way of doing business that will help business owners and travelers ride the waves of change occurring in our industry and world.

  • Summit host Laurie Wilson will kick off the event, describing the big WHY for this event and why people need to get onboard with their own WHY to steer their business and their future.
  • Dr. Wallace J. Nichols is the featured Opening Speaker. His work on the Blue Mind will change the way you do business for the better. This is game-changing.
  • Dr. Brian Garrod is a Tourism Economist who’ll light our way to the new way the world is doing business, giving us the solid financial proof that sustainable business is the only way forward. Don’t miss this.
  • Dr. Carl Cater, a Marine Tourism Expert, will reveal those stakeholders whom we’re ignoring as stakeholders in our industry, is at the peril of your business and ocean health. This knowledge is key to your success.

Sign up to listen to the Blue Ocean Business Summit Day 1 Speakers, on Monday June 2, 2014:

Summit Program – Day 1 – Monday June 2, 2014

9:00 am EDT
“Charting the Course”, Laurie J. Wilson, MBA CMC, Founder, Dive Travel Resource Group

11:00 am EDT
“This is your mind on water: How neuroscience research is showing that we’ve been ALL WRONG about spreading the ocean conservation message.”, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Scientist, Activist, Community Organizer

1:00 pm EDT
“Sustainable Business – What is it and why should I care?”, Dr. Brian Garrod, Aberystwyth University

3:00 pm EDT
“Stakeholders in the dive industry”, Dr. Carl Cater, Aberystwyth University

Summit on a Mission
The goal of the Blue Ocean Business Summit is to inspire, inform and guide dive industry people to take action to “Blue their Business” and support ocean conservation as part of a sustainable business model.

The Summit Speakers include some of the dive and travel industry’s pioneers and trailblazers who are already embracing the change and making advancements in game-changing ways.

Although the Blue Ocean Business Summit is free to online attendees, the Summit will offer a downloadable Summit Resource Guide (along with accompanying audios of all 20 speakers) that contains valuable tools, checklists, background and reference material for those dive businesses inspired to take action down the path towards sustainability. The Blue Ocean Business Summit Guide and audio replays are available at a special pre-order price of US$49.99 and may be purchased at

Partnering in Conservation
Seven dollars of each Summit Resource Guide (and accompanying audios) sold at the Blue Ocean Business Summit will be contributed to Mission Blue, to support the creation of Marine Protected Areas around the world.

To learn more about the Blue Ocean Business Summit and to register, visit Blue Ocean Business