south china, shark finning, Every year tens of millions of sharks are butchered solely for their fins. In many instances the fins are cut off while the shark is alive, it is then thrown back into the sea to drown. (photo – Sea Shepherd)

This inhumane practice was well documented by Rob Stewart in his award-winning film Sharkwater.


Numerous Blue Ocean posts (see below)  have focused on the often, illegal trade in shark fins and the repercussions this trade has on the world’s sharks that are disappearing at an alarming rate. Today we are bringing to your attention three different petitions that ban the sale and trade of shark fins nationwide and citywide.


580,000 pounds of shark fins were imported into the U.S.

no trade in shark fins, shark fin soup, ban on shark finningAlthough shark finning is illegal in U.S. waters, shark fins continue to be imported into the United States from countries that have no restrictions or from sources that practice illegal shark finning in U.S. waters. The five countries that import shark fins into the United States reported bringing in a staggering 580,000 pounds between 2000 and 2011. Where do shark-fins end up? In soup or used in questionable, traditional medicines. Let’s leave the fins on the sharks. (photo – Boston Globe)

Now you can directly take part in the fight against shark finning by taking action on  petitions to ban shark finning. Join with Oceana to “Tell The U.S. Congress To Ban The Sale Of Shark Fins In The U.S.” Visit Oceana’s website and add your name to this important petition that will prohibit the trade and sale of all shark fin products in the U.S.


Disappointment in Florida

boston globe, shark finning, trade in shark fins, marine conservation, over fishing, ban on shark finningEven though there is wide spread support for prohibiting the trade in shark fins in the U.S. Marine conservationists were disappointed when a Florida Senate bill banning the sale and trade of shark fins was recently weakened.

It appears the fishing industry has won this round, especially at a time when rolling back all environmental regulations is a hallmark of the Trump administration.

“Eleven other states that had ports where this activity was taking place have already banned the sale and trade of shark fins,” said Erin Handy of Oceana in Florida. For now, Handy says she’s hoping a recent federal bill (see above) called the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act (H.R. 1456), will make it through Legislature and trump state laws. All the more reason for all of us to sign the petition for the Federal Bill, above.

“The federal bill, which would ban the trade and sale of shark fins in the entire United State, would make state bills unnecessary.”

Read more on the “Sale and trade of shark fins to continue in Florida, despite threat to ecosystem, tourism” at


In Canada Support Bill-S238 Banning the Trade in Shark Fins

ban trade in shark fins, no shark finning, marine conservation, If you are in Canada join in and support Bill S-238 “The Ban on Shark Fin Importation Act” that will prohibit the import of shark fin products across Canada. To insure the passage of Bill S-238 join in and sign this petition at Although Rob Stewart died in January 2017 while filming a sequel to Sharkwater, keep his legacy alive by joining with us to help save sharks.

Plus in honour of Rob Stewart, ban the sale of shark fins in the City of Toronto

Join in this Petition to make the City of Toronto fin free.


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