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Arts & Culture

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Change the Culture, Change the World. Artists are central to social change.” ~ Artist Favianna Rodriguez


Arts & Culture

Ocean Art, in all its forms, is now being used to inspire, engage and build a conscious culture that views our world in a different light.

We spotlight Ocean Authors, Ocean Filmmakers and Underwater Photographers, Artists and Musicians

We support their work in our Galleries, and by showcasing their cultural exhibits, festivals and any events that sponsor these creative Ocean Artists. Many of our Ocean Artists can be followed in the blogs that follow and most of these Authors, Artists, Photographers and Filmmakers have been part of the Blue Ocean Summit interviews.

Featured Art & Photo Galleries

Take a visual dive into the underwater world with these three featured Galleries (left); the first profiles the work of Big Animal photographer Amos Nachoum whom you ‘met’ at Blue Ocean Summit 2016 (BOS). The second gallery spotlights the spectacular underwater imagery of Burt Jones and Maureen Shimlock (BOS 2014) from their photo essays of Raja Ampat.  Our third gallery presents the amazing sculptural pieces of Courtney Mattison (BOS 2016). More Gallery Presentations and interviews with Ocean Artists are scheduled this year – sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss meeting these gifted change-makers.

A Sweet Spot in Time  –  Dr. Sylvia Earle

A Sweet Spot in Time – Dr. Sylvia Earle

“No Water. No Life. No Blue. No Green.” ~ Dr. Sylvia Earle We were honored to have Sylvia Earle kick off our Blue Ocean Summit 2015 on World Oceans Day: In the Summit opening interview, “A Sweet Spot in Time,” Sylvia pulls no punches as she outlines the many ocean...

We Protect What We Understand – Jean-Michel Cousteau

We Protect What We Understand – Jean-Michel Cousteau

“protect the Ocean and you protect yourself” ~ Jean-Michel Costeau The name “Cousteau” has become synonymous with the ocean, as Jacques Yves Cousteau's legacy has been carried on by his family. His son, Jean-Michel Cousteau, believes that the key to creating a more...