great white shark (Blue Ocean Network – May 25, 2011) — There is something you need to know about Jaws. He was a fabrication. Photographer and explorer Amos Nachoum dispels the misconception of killer species in a photographic exploration presented at TEDxConejo2011. See the video below.

Amos Nachoum is a photographer and explorer. He has photographed just about everything there is to shoot, but what he loves most is wildlife photography. Especially if it’s in the water. And he has become world-famous at it. So much so, in fact, that he has been asked to lead National Geographic expedition teams with Dr. Eugenie Clark, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Amos has co-produced documentaries with Stan Waterman, and he was the team leader for National Geographic’s Red Sea, Great White Shark, and Killer Whale photo expeditions.


Co-founder of Israel’s Red Sea Marine Park

amos nachoum, underwater photographer, marine conservationist, ocean activist, sustainable choices, eco marinelifeHis commitment to wildlife led him to co-found Israel’s Marine National Park on the Red Sea. He works tirelessly to bring attention to some of the most fragile regions of the underwater realm, with preservation of the environment foremost in every encounter.

Amos’s photos and essays have appeared in hundreds of publications around the globe, including National Geographic, Time, Life, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Le Figaro, Terra Sauvage, Airone, Mondo Somerso, Der Spiegel, Unterwasser, and many more.

His work has also been included in the books The Living Ocean, The World of Nature, and Oceans. He has been profiled in television appearances on National Geographic Explorer, Today, and Good Morning America, as well as featured in People, Esquire, and Money magazines.

Amos’s Photography has Won Many Awards

Amos’s photography has won Nikon, Communication Arts, and BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. His clients include Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Discovery Channel, Armani, Disney, and Colombia Pictures.

Based in San Francisco, California, Amos operates the cutting-edge adventure-travel program Big Animals Expeditions. His voyages take him and his guests all over the world to observe, photograph, and revere the most magnificent creatures on the planet.


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