Last month we reported on a new line of running shoes manufactured from up-cycled plastic fishing nets recovered from the Indian Ocean. The Ultraboost is the result of a collaboration between Adidas, the German sports brand, and Parley for the Oceans. Adidas expects to produce one million of the shoes this year.


Adidas Swimwear made with Recycled Ocean Plastics

Adidas swimwear, recycled ocean plastic, sustainable choices, ocean conversationNow Adidas and Parley have unveiled a swimwear collection made of Econyl a fibre with the same characteristics of traditional nylon and polyester, but produced from recovered plastic fishing nets. “It’s possible to make 1,000 swimsuits from a large fishing net” says Roger Hahn the Adidas design director. (photo – Adidas Swimwear)


“Adidas is designing a whole range of swimwear from top elite swimmers to recreational users,” said Hahn. “For swimming training and the long hours of dedication it takes, it’s important that our swimsuits are resistant to extended periods in chlorine water.


Be Fashionable While You Save the Ocean

In addition to being made of recovered ocean plastic the Adidas swimwear designs are inspired by the sea, using graphic prints that reflect seascapes in shades of blue.


Thanks to Adidas/Parley for Giving Us Sustainable Choices

Adidas already uses recycled material in 50% of its swim apparel and 76% of the “Pool” collection is made from recycled Econyl. The company hopes to eventually use 100% recycled materials in all Adidas swimwear.

Hahn says that it is important for all big companies like Adidas to protect the seas.

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