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It’s a change-making, ocean-loving water tribe here at Blue Ocean Network. We are deeply connected to the sea and that compels our community to take action and contribute, each in their own way, to save our oceans. While we can have some serious fun in this network, we believe in the power of individual action to protect our blue planet.

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Join our global, growing and engaged tribe of Ocean People who are taking action in our own backyards.  True, some have very big backyards. But no matter where you live, you can tap into the power of the tribe to help you bend the needle for the better.

Project Aware’s Debris Month of Action

Project Aware’s Debris Month of Action

(Blue Ocean - September 5, 2014) -- Project AWARE has launched "Debris Month of Action" – a time when thousands of scuba divers around the world rally together to take action against the trash from our everyday lives that makes its way to the ocean. Marine...

Summit 2014: Honest Talk About Marine Conservation

Summit 2014: Honest Talk About Marine Conservation

Blue Ocean is presenting four terrific interviews to share with you on the subject of “Honest Talk About Marine Conservation” with speakers that have experience dealing with local communities in Indonesia; to documenting the sardine migration along the eastern coast...

Selling Dive Travel with Substance – Cheryl Patterson

Selling Dive Travel with Substance – Cheryl Patterson

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the places and moments that take our breath away.” - Mark Twain, Cheryl Patterson’s favorite quote “We started Good Will Diving as a non-profit company that stresses sustainability and giving back. More...

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