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“One of the greatest feelings in the world is knowing that we as individuals can make a difference.” — Jeff Bridges


Save the Ocean

It’s a change-making, ocean-loving water tribe here at Blue Ocean Network. We are deeply connected to the sea and that compels Our Members to take action and contribute, each in their own way, to save our oceans. While we can have some serious fun in this community, we believe in the power of individual action to protect our blue planet.


Get Involved

You don’t need to be one of Our Members to take action (although we certainly would love to have you aboard). See our list of Ocean Alerts with links to petitions that you can read, sign and share on social media. Reviewing our Ocean Alerts keeps you abreast of the most immediate issues facing our ocean and the people and organizations that are addressing those issues.


Want to do More? Dive In!

There are seven ways to engage in our ocean loving community. We will let you know how over the next few weeks.

  • GET INVOLVED – Read the latest alerts and sign related ocean petitions.
  • TOOLS FOR CHANGE – Get our fun and informative tools that help you take action.
  • OUR MEMBERS – Connect to your tribe members in our closed FACEBOOK Group.
  • SHARE – Learn from outstanding ocean leaders in Ocean Profiles and get inspired by OCEAN STORIES shared by our Blue Ocean community.
  • COLLABORATE – Support the game-changing good works of our community Partners and Allies. As a member, you can share your own projects with your tribe.
  • PARTICIPATE –Meet people just like you, online and at face-to-face Ocean Events.
  • GET OCEAN NEWS – As a member you will receive our High Tides News Magazine emailed to your inbox.


Join Us

Join us in our community portal (it’s free!) and be a part of a growing tribe of Ocean People who are taking action in our own backyards.  True, some have very big backyards. But it doesn’t matter where you live, it’s important that you tap into the power of the tribe to create change for the better.  And that’s where we shine.

A Sweet Spot in Time  –  Dr. Sylvia Earle

A Sweet Spot in Time – Dr. Sylvia Earle

“No Water. No Life. No Blue. No Green.” ~ Dr. Sylvia Earle We were honored to have Sylvia Earle kick off our Blue Ocean Summit 2015 on World Oceans Day: In the Summit opening interview, “A Sweet Spot in Time,” Sylvia pulls no punches as she outlines the many ocean...

Save the Dolphins of Japan

Save the Dolphins of Japan

Dolphins are one of the earth’s most beloved creatures and we have long been enthralled with the intelligence and speed exhibited by these highly social, marine mammals. These animals have amazed humans for millennium and been depicted in the mythology and art of many...

Take the No Plastic Straw Please Pledge

Take the No Plastic Straw Please Pledge

If you have seen our recent article on the Ridley sea turtle verses the Plastic Straw then you will understand the perils that plastic straws hold for marine life, especially sea turtles, that often mistake straws for food. If you have not read this very important...