Our Founders

“My job is giving people hope.”
Jane Goodall, Scientist, Activist, Conservationist

Meet Laurie Wilson

Born on the Champlain Sea (Ottawa), Laurie Wilson has been exploring the underwater world since she was 4 years old.  After 25 years traveling, diving and working in and around water, she founded the Blue Ocean Network, an online news and event site that has attracted a vibrant global community of ocean people who are taking action to protect our seas. Laurie is now exploring the brave new world of sustainabilty, as host of the annual Blue Ocean Summit, along with a variety of events that bring together, support and spotlight ocean changemakers from science, recreation, the arts, business, non-profit, education and government sectors.

A speaker, writer and ocean loving ringleader, Laurie has been giving ecotourism and sustainability seminars to businesses and schools around the world. Laurie holds an MBA and Certified Management Consulting designation, is a Women Divers Hall of Fame honoree, an SSI Platinum 5000 Pro and was named a Top 100 Ocean Change-maker by Origin Magazine in 2015. Laurie is also a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

Meet Robert Frerck

Robert Frerck has traveled the world as a photojournalist, covering stories in nearly seventy countries. His images have appeared in Time and Newsweek; The Smithsonian, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, German Geo, French Geo and Russian Geo. His commercial clients include United and Iberia Airlines and the Spanish and Mexican Tourism Ministries to name just a few.

Frerck fell under the spell of Spain early in his career and numerous trips later he published Eternal Spain, a panoramic photobook that captured Spanish landscapes and traditional architecture. Eternal Spain was used as the official publication of the 1992 Spanish World’s Fair and the Barcelona Olympics. Eternal Mexico soon followed and later trips documented the landscapes and culture of South America and Turkey. During this period Frerck was the owner of Odyssey Photo, a stock photo agency based in Chicago.

Throughout his travels Frerck took every opportunity to indulge his other passion, exploring the underwater world. These adventures took him to the Caribbean, the coastal waters of the U.S. and Canada, and throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Today he fulfills his commitment to the ocean by immersing himself in understanding the issues that threaten this environment that he loves. You can visit these issues via the posts that he contributes daily to Blue Ocean Network. His other devotion is to his two daughters, Maya and Chloe who are changemakers in their own right.

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