ocean authors, marine conservations, ocean activists, sustainable eco-tourism, sustainable dive industryOcean lovers are book lovers, yet their favorite book genre has been poorly represented – until now. A new writers guild has been formed as a safe harbor for a growing number of authors who write about what we all love – our seas and our experiences on, by and beneath them.


Writers for the Sea

david_helvarg, ocean author, ocean conservation, blue ocean network, ocean issues, sustainability, marine conservationDavid Helvarg, President of the conservation lobby group Blue Frontier, created Writers for the Sea to function like other literary groups, such as the Mystery Writers of America or the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Yet there is a pressing reality to this new group’s genre that is absent from established writers’ groups: We’re always going to have crime and kids—but perhaps NOT a living sea. Dedicated to the Love of Salt Water, Helvarg says that the glue that holds the writers’ group together is a love of saltwater, and the recognition that the only remaining ocean resource not fully exploited is a well-told tale –  be it one of scientific discovery, exploration and adventure, survival, investigative reporting, photojournalism, fiction, or literary nonfiction.


ocean-country, Liz cunningham, ocean author, blue ocean network, ocean changemaker, ocean conservation, ocean issuesBy the very names of their books, some of the titles speak to the particular passions of the Writers for the Sea authors: Ocean Country, Blue Mind, Song for a Blue Ocean, Voices in the Ocean, The Golden Shore, War of the Whales, Eye of the Albatross, Water Light Time, Blue Hope, Deep Blue Home, Planet Ocean and Saved by the Sea. Promoting public engagement by creating Writers for the Sea, Helvarg hopes to encourage public talks, panels, and a media presence—not only at libraries and book fairs, but also at dive- and surf-industry conventions, policy-maker forums, maritime- and tourism-industry meetings. This collective can amplify both the warning and the wonder, reducing the threats that certain human behaviors now pose to our ocean planet and emphasizing the redemptive qualities that link us all to the natural world, as recorded by the written word.


A Mission of Marine Conservation.

A project of the non-profit Ocean Awareness Project Inc. (DBA Blue Frontier), Writers for the Sea is a professional organization for authors writing about the sea and committed to increased understanding and conservation of the ocean. Its members agree on the following mission statement:

◗To support and promote authors and their books that are written about the greater part of our blue planet that is ocean.

◗ To provide an opportunity for authors who’ve written at least one book about our seas to interact and share their experiences, iwith their readership and with the publishing industry.

◗ To organize or participate in panels, events, and anthologies that help expand the readership and audience for books relating to the marine environment.

◗ To promote social, artistic, scientific, and environmental understanding of the ocean and the role it plays in human affairs.

◗ To promote understanding of the critical state of our living seas, in terms of a global ecosystem at risk and the ways in which using books and the additional content that writers generate can help educate the public.

◗ To celebrate past writers for the sea such as Dana, Melville, and Carson, and to mentor and offer assistance to new and emerging Writers for the Sea, including youth and students.

To encourage reader engagement, and support the work of published Ocean Authors, Blue Ocean Network has a Facebook Page for Ocean Readers at BlueOceanBooks. Blue Ocean Network has created the online book club and promotion page to inspire action, share within our community of Ocean Lovers who are already predisposed to taking deep dives into Ocean Books. If you would like to suggest a book or contribute an article or book excerpt for our growing ocean loving community at Blue Ocean Network, please contact us at BlueOceanBookClub@gmail.com Blue Ocean Network ReSources:Writers for the Sea has established a Facebook Group for authors and those aspiring to be. Blue Ocean Network’s FaceBook Page for Readers of the Sea is Blue Ocean Book Club. Based in the U.S., David Helvarg’s organization, Blue Frontier is a national leader in providing resources and opportunities to bring citizens who care about the health of coasts and the ocean into the decision making process. Submit your book suggestions, reviews, articles or excerpts to BlueOceanBookClub@gmail.com.