bluefintuna_gerard_soury_getty_images, endanger fish, sustainable fishing, over fishing, unsustainable fishing practicesBlue Ocean – September 8, 2014) — The Pacific bluefin tuna can weigh 1,000 pounds and swim around the world at 50 miles per hour—but that’s not big or fast enough to escape the dangers of overfishing.

Ninety-six percent of this impressive species is gone, and if you don’t speak out today, it could be too late for the remainder.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is considering a ban on fishing of the Pacific bluefin tuna. It’s up to you to show our government that Americans support saving the bluefin—and 50,000 SierraRise comments will make that clear.

Take action here, and sign our official comment before the Sept. 20 deadline: Tell the government to ban fishing of the Pacific bluefin tuna before we lose another species!

Image: Gerard Soury/Getty Images