Blue Mind 7 SummitBlue Mind aims to reconnect people to water through the exploration of the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual benefits of keeping it healthy.

The seventh annual Blue Mind Summit, scheduled for April 4-6, 2017 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, gathers thought leaders, top neuroscientists, oceanographers, explorers, educators, psychologists, artists and sports enthusiasts to collaboratively consider the human connection to our water planet as well as the deeply personal and practical benefits of keeping it healthy.


Our Lifelong Connection With Water

This years’ summit will dive deep into our lifelong connection to water and how it directly intersects each stage of our lives. This will be reflected in the exploration of the first two stages of life, defined by Birth and Play, and the last two, Ebb & Flow and Death as well as our active, productive, and reproductive adult years, when we become The Lover, The Fighter, and The Justice. Seeing our lives through these overlapping stages and the abundant universal lens of water provides fascinating insights into how to live better, healthier, more productive, and fulfilling lives.


Go Deeper with Wallace J. Nichols

wallace J. Nichols, ocean author, marine conservationist, ocean change-maker, The topics at Blue Mind 7 will mimic the upcoming release Go Deeper, the second in a series of books by New York Times Bestselling author, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols. It is here that Nichols explores the myriad opportunities to more richly appreciate how water is the substance that makes all of our lives better and offers almost endless avenues for self-enhancement.

Among the distinguished participants is Dr. Matt Claybaugh of Marimed, Curt Carter of the Land for Learning Institute, water birth pioneer Barbara Harper, Paddle Quest’s Matt Kirsch, Force Blue’s Jim Ritterhoff, new research on PTSD and surf therapy by Dr. Russell Crawford, thought leader in end of life care Dianne Gray, and members of the Ojibwe tribe of Wisconsin. Details on each presenter as well as updates the full conference agenda can be found at:*


Access to Healthy Oceans Makes Our Lives Better

“Blue Mind is deepening the discussion on the true value of the blue economy and expanding the conversation to include the important ways access to healthy oceans and waterways makes all our lives better,” says Wallace J. Nichols, scientist and best selling author of Blue Mind: The Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected and Better at What You Do.

In Blue Mind, (Little, Brown 2014, and still top 10 on Amazon list of Nature & Ecology books) Dr. Wallace J Nichols gave us a new way to think about and enjoy water, which has been embraced by millions of readers and viewers around the world. It showcased the cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual benefits of interacting with the many bodies of water which surround us all and inspired a movement, including a wave of new studies and applications ranging from neuroscience to architecture, conservation to leadership, and health care to travel.

The Blue Mind Fund gathers support for those on the front line of reconnecting people to water, sponsors the annual summit, and shares the Blue Mind message around the world. Partners include a growing list of projects, organizations, and individuals focused on at-risk youth, veterans, students, researchers, and others who value the role of water in support of healthy living.

For more information contact Julie Starke, Starke + Company, or 757-646-2001

* Dr. Wallace J. Nichols joined us as a presenter at #BlueOceanSummit 2014 and 2016. Blue Mind is an ocean ally of Blue Ocean Network. We highly support the important work of this organization. Please join the discussion at Blue Mind 7,  April 4-6, 2017 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.


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