Are you looking to create a more ocean-friendly, sustainable home for you and your family? Here are some zero waste tips that will help.

zero waste tips

1. Minimize: Do a spring clean of your home and get rid of any unnecessary stuff sitting around and collecting dust by donating it to charity or holding a garage sale.
2. Op Shopping: When looking to buy something new opt for second hand instead. Take a wonder through your local op shop for more sustainable items made of glass, wood or metal instead of plastic.
3. Daily Zero Waste: Put together your own Zero Waste kit consisting of a reusable water bottle, cutlery, container and reusable bag to take with you to evade waste on the go. Check out more ideas on creating your own Zero Waste Kit here.
4. Local Markets: Give the big supermarkets a miss and head to your local markets this weekend for a fun day out. Buy some seasonal produce straight from the farmers and remember to bring your reusable bags with you too.
5. DIY: A lot of products around your home can be made yourself using simple DIY recipes. An example is this simple recipe for DIY Dry Shampoo using only 2/3 ingredients.
6. Décor: Add a breath of fresh air to your home by bringing in purifying plants as decor instead of more stuff.

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7. Composting: Food waste contributes a large percentage to our household waste and composting in your home is an easy way to reduce your waste. Whether you live in a house or apartment there are multiple methods of composting that can suit your lifestyle. Some simple composting techniques include installing a worm farm, bokashi bin or simply burying your food scraps.
8. Cling Wrap: An alternative to plastic cling wrap are beeswax wraps. These are reusable food wraps which use the heat of your hands to mould and stick in place to protect your food. Have a go at making them yourself using beeswax and cotton material or you could always buy them too.
9. Washing Up: Dish sponges can quickly become gross and end up in the trash. More sustainable options can be composted at the end of its life instead of building up in landfill.
10. Cloth Napkins: Take your dinner party up a notch by using cloth napkins at your next event, simply throw them in the wash once the night is over.
11. Pantry: Instead of filling your pantry with toxic plastic, collect old glass jars to store your spices and dry goods. This creates a beautiful display and you can easily see what needs stocking up.
12. Reusable Paper Towels: Create your own reusable paper towels by cutting up old towels which can be thrown in the wash. Traditional paper towels use up a ton of water and tree resources in production, which end up in the trash seconds after use.

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13. The Power of the Sun: Line dry your laundry on sunny days instead of using that pesky dryer that drains your electricity bill.
14. Eco-Friendly washing: Swap your commercial washing powder with a more eco-friendly alternative. If natural alternatives such as soapberries or making your own laundry detergent are out of the question, look into bulk options or buying in cardboard.
15. Green Cleaning: All the ingredients to clean your home are sitting in your pantry right now; baking soda, vinegar and some elbow grease. Cleaning your home with natural ingredients not only saves you money but is healthier for you and the environment.

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16. Bamboo Toothbrushes: An easy Zero Waste swap is to change your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one, which is compostable at the end of its life.
17. Bar Soap: A plastic free bathroom is not complete without switching your plastic bottles to bar soaps. This can be done for body wash as well as hair products by investing in shampoo and conditioner bars.
18. Reusable Make-Up Pads: Create your own reusable make-up pads from old towels or crotchet to as a sustainable option to replace disposable ones.
19. Shaving: Switching to a safety razor is an investment. Not only will you get a closer shave but you’ll never have to buy another razor ever again! Check out Zero Waste Hair Removal for more details.
20. Ladies: Reusable pads and/or menstrual cups will change your life! You won’t have to worry about buying disposable menstrual products again, that is a lifetime of waste saved from the environment.

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Want to learn more about Zero Waste?

I hope that you have enjoyed these zero waste tips. I’m happy to lend a helping hand and chat about any other questions you may have. Send me an email to or follow my Zero Waste journey at for more tips on how to reduce your waste.

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